Emma Sky's Middle East Tour ft. 9mm

Look at this photo.

Seriously, if the British royal family came from North West London along the banks of the A40 and not Windsor, this is what you would expect to see.

The lady in the photograph is Emma Sky.

Emma Sky is an Oxford graduate who speaks Arabic and Hebrew. After graduating she spent a decade working in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. While opposed to the war, she volunteered to put her skills to use in post-invasion Iraq, where she was appointed the civilian representative of the CPA in Kirkuk. In 2006 she was made political advisor to General Odierno, the second most senior US military official in Iraq. Emma has also toured Walthamstow with Londonstani and Abu Muqawama.

In addition to all those accomplishments, Emma has been one of a very limited number of British officials working high up in the US military structure.

Presently, she's a visiting professor at the War Studies department at Kings College, London. Read about her Iraq (post US withdrawal) tour for Foreign Policy here.