RIP Anthony Shadid

It was with much sadness that Londonstani learnt this morning that foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid passed away during a reporting assignment covering the Syrian uprising.

Londonstani had the good fortune to meet Anthony on several occasions and he was always generous with his time and his advice. In a profession that has earned a reputation of attracting the vain, maladjusted and slightly unhinged, Anthony stood out as a professional driven by a genuinely altruistic desire to tell the stories of the voiceless.

Reporting in war zones all too often focuses on those doing the fighting, Anthony told the stories of those caught in the middle. And in the grand scheme of things, it's what they think that will decide how things eventually turn out.

George Packer at the New Yorker says this about Anthony:

"Anthony knows that terrain better than any foreigner. Is Tripoli about to fall? Shadid will get inside as soon as he can. Is Cairo having another revolution? He’s there and knows how to explain why it’s happening. If anyone can get into Homs, it’ll be Anthony. He combined professional excellence with quiet indefatigability, so that you only noticed it when he wasn’t on the scene. He was the Cal Ripken of foreign correspondents."