The video from our Chatham House panel discussion on the narratives behind Pakistan and Afghanistan’s wary relationship. Part of the idea for this topic came from a talk Alistair Burt, the UK’s minister of state for the Middle East, gave at Chatham House in June. He spoke about how peace making requires you to speak to all sides in conflict - including the unsavoury ones. This kicked off some thinking about where the power actually lies in a conflict. Is it with the people sitting at conference tables, those leading armed groups, leaders of street protests - or is it not about specific ‘leaders’ at all. Is it really about large groups of people getting mobilised around one general aim? Leaders without publics are pointless. But what drives the publics?

We were also very specific about the need to challenge the discussion about places like Pakistan and Afghanistan as ‘exotic places where weird things happen’ to equal parts of the wider global dynamics we are all living through right now.

Did we manage? Let me know.