Londonstani knows little about Bangladesh, but read reports about the failed Islamist military coup with some interest. 

"Military spokesman Masud Razzaq said in a statement that the attempt had been thwarted by the "whole-hearted efforts of army soldiers ... He said the officers planning the coup were in active military service and had "extreme religious views".

Recently murdered Pakistani journalist Saleem Shahzad talked in his last book Inside al Qaeda and the Taliban about armed Islamist groups recruiting inside Bangladesh in the 1990s. While the reports on this latest coup point out that military revolts are not uncommon in Bangladesh.

"Bangladesh, a parliamentary democracy since 1990, has witnessed two presidents slain in military coups and 19 other failed coup attempts."

There's little further information about the "extreme religious views" angle, and Londonstani is not qualified to hypothosise, but it's not hard to find information on the kind of groups operating in Bangladesh and how they fit in to the wider regional context.