Londonstani was mighty relieved to wake up today and find yesterday's speculation over the imminent fall of the Pakistani government had come to nothing - again.

Much more interesting than the gyrations of Pakistani politics (someone wake me up when there's an election or a coup), is Sagar Sharma's blog on life in India.

Sagar, a former top communications operative for Her Majesty's Government, and Londonstani have known each other for a very, very long time. They went to the same school, enraged the same teachers and flattered the same girls. (Yes, a pact of mutual silence is in place).

Modern Britain is no longer represented in the Subcontinent solely by Sanskrit-speaking public school boys. Nope, now they let blokes from Wembley comprehensives tarnish the national image abroad as well.

Over a border that makes Pakistan and India seem as close yet distant as parallel universes, Londonstani is pleased to see that Sagar is staying true to the Wembley tradition of unleashing motorised hell:

".., driving... I’m LOVIN’ it. It's like a 360 virtual video game but where you only get one life. The thrill and concentration required to stay alive makes driving a hugely stimulating experience. I never smiled when driving in London I can promise you. Over here, I’m hysterical."

If Londonstani manages to convince Sagar to cross the border, Lahore will need to brace itself for some serious Toyota Corolla drag racing.

Like the Harrow Road, but (even) more guns