Core Resources:


Amy Zalman's Strategic Narrative

Rachel Briggs - researcher at Institute for Strategic Dialogue 

Robin Brown's Public Diplomacy Networks

Small Wars Journal's blog

Issandr El Amrani's The Arabist


Subject Specific Resources:


Political Campaign Planning Manual: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (pdf) 

NCVO - Campaigning and Civil Society (website)

Campaign Strategy resource website (website)

Strategy Toolkit from New Tactics in Human Rights (online toolkit for campaigning strategy and tactics)

Wael Ghonim -one of the key activists behind Egypt's uprising against the Mubarak regime - talks Revolution 2.0

Extremism and counter extremism:

Amil Khan, United States Institute of Peace, Pakistan and the Narratives of Extremism (2013) (report)


Media usage and audiences:

Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Muslims in the European Mediascape (2012) (report)