... aka Amil Khan

Londonstani (above) is my alter ego.

I started out working for Reuters as a Middle East correspondent, reporting on politics, conflict and economics. I went on to present and produce documentaries on issues like extremists infiltrating the criminal world, attacks on immigrants and war crimes in Africa.

Since then, I’ve been an adviser to rebels, governments and international NGOs.

... this site

The world has changed… Most people just don’t know it yet.

The rise of extremists - first the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS, and now ‘ethno-nationalists’, Russian trolls and fascists. They are all taking advantage of changes in the way the world works. The key to world-shaking change no longer remains with faceless power brokers in smokey rooms. It resides with ordinary people - millions of them with the ability to connect and organise at the touch of a screen.

Narratives, Facebook advertising, trolls, bots, fake accounts, data scraping, Disinformation and Fake News… and more (neuroscience?) If you want answers, information or to connect like/follow here, on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.